What is the proctored exam?

A proctored exam is the final requirement taken at the end of either a 48 hour or 96 hour course to receive credit for the class and a completion certificate. The “proctored exam” is monitored by a third party at your local library, college, or other destination we may have in place. The proctored exam is NOT the exam you take to receive your real estate license. The state licensing exam from PSI is taken after you have received credit for the class. The cost of the proctored exam is included in the 96 Hour Prelicense and Broker Courses. A list of  your local exam locations will be provided to you at the end of the class.

3 & 6 Hour Continuing education courses do not have a proctored exam. CE courses do contain a final exam, but the exam is taken as part of the regular coursework and doesn’t have to be completed in front of a proctor.

You will need to pass two exams to get licensed as a real estate agent. The first is our own class proctored exam which is required for course completion, and the second is the actual licensing exam administered by the testing company.

It can be a little confusing with the naming but here’s the order of completing the pre-license course and getting your license.

  1. Complete all the course material (approximately 96 hours, but everything must be completed regardless of time).
  2. Schedule our proctored final exam (20+ locations visible at end of course).
  3. Pass the proctored final exam with a score of 75% or higher (which officially completes the course).
  4. Gain instant access to our free cram course. (We can’t legally talk about the exam while you are a student in the pre-license course.)
  5. Schedule your license exam with PSI.
  6. Pass the PSI license exam.
  7. Apply for your license by submitting all required documentation (background check, education, passing report from PSI, etc.).

 Is this the exam to get my license?

No. This exam will enable you to get a completion certificate from the class which will allow you to take the licensure exam from PSI.

Do I have to pay for the proctored exam?
No. The cost of the proctored exam is already included in the price of the 96 Hour Prelicense and any 48 Hour Broker course. (Any class above 48 hours of credit will require a final proctored exam.) There is a $100 cost for the actual real estate license exam from PSI which each student is responsible for, although we do offer a unique guarantee. If our Prelicense students don’t pass the PSI exam on the first try, we reimburse the $100 fee for the first attempt.

Where can I take my proctored exam?

We have approximately 20 monitors available throughout the state located at various libraries and schools. In most cases you won’t need to drive any more than 30 minutes to take the final exam. We will provide you with a complete list of locations and contact information when you are ready to schedule your exam.

For out of state students: You can take the exam at a location close to you. Contact us at the end of the class when you are ready to take the proctored exam and we will assist you in finding a location near you.

There is no additional fee for the proctored exam (included with tuition).

Realize that proctored locations can change from the time you start the course. While we can’t guarantee a particular location in the future, here’s a list of cities where we typically have proctoring available:

Bowling Green
Central City
Ft. Campbell
Ft. Knox
Mount Sterling

How do I schedule the proctored exam?

When students reach the end of either a broker course or the 96 hour pre-license course, they will be given a list of pre-approved proctoring locations. This database contains contact information for the approximately 20 proctors that we already have agreements with, located throughout the state. Students select their  preferred choice based on location and convenience. After the exam time is scheduled, the student will notify us via instructions in the course. Students must notify us in advance of your exam date and time so we can open access to the exam.

There are two specific locations where students need to contact us directly in order to schedule a proctored exam.

In Bowling Green, please contact us as we administer our own exams (information is listed at the end of the course.)

In downtown Louisville, the University of Louisville testing center conducts proctored exams for us, and they require we set up and pay for exams individually. Students are required to contact us with a preferred date and time. We will verify that the University of Louisville testing center has the requested slot available and then confirm the final time with the student.

For out of state students: You can take the exam at a location close to you. Contact us at the end of the class when you are ready to take the proctored exam and we will assist you in finding a convenient location.

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What if there is bad weather?
In the situation of inclement weather such as snow, we won’t know if a library or proctor location will be closed or not. You will need to contact the location where your exam is scheduled ahead of time to ensure they are open. If they are closed, you will need to reschedule your exam and notify us of the change. 

What do I need to take to the test center?

Please make sure you know or write down your account username and password
Username: ___________________
Password: ___________________
1. Two forms of identification (at least one with picture)
2. Calculator
3. Pen/Pencil
4. Scratch paper/blank notebook (most locations will provide)
5. Earplugs (if you are easily distracted)

Note: You can not receive help during the exam and you can’t refer to notes or a textbook. The proctored exam will mimic the rules of the actual licensing exam from PSI.

How many questions are on the proctored exam?

Each course varies.
You will be required to receive a 75% or higher on any final exam to pass.The 96 hour course proctored exam consists of two sections totaling 120 multiple choice questions:

General  Real Estate: 80 questions
Kentucky License Law: 40 questions

The percentage is based on the total number of questions. On the pre-license proctored exam,  you answer must answer 90 questions correctly
(90/120= 75%) over the two sections, to pass.

The 48 hour broker course exams will have 75 multiple choice questions with 4 possible answers to choose from.

How long is the proctored exam?

You are permitted 4 hours to take the exam, but most students finish in 1-2 hours. (The time limit is the same on the PSI exam.)

What if I don’t pass the proctored exam?
You must receive a 75% or higher score on the proctored exam. You are allowed to review the first attempt and then retake the exam one additional time. If you don’t pass on the second attempt, you must review all the course information again before your 3rd and if necessary your 4th attempt. We don’t charge anything for reviewing the course, but it will take time. We recommend you only schedule the proctored exam when you feel prepared. Also, you don’t have to immediately attempt the exam the second time. If you don’ t do well on your first attempt, you can review and study for a few days/weeks and then schedule your second attempt.

 After finishing my course, how long do I have to take the PSI real estate exam?

Once you pass a Kentucky approved real estate course, your credit is good indefinitely.  Theoretically after completing the pre-license course you could wait 15 years or more (assuming the requirements from the Kentucky Real Estate Commission doesn’t change) to take the test.  However, we recommend you take your license exam as soon as possible, (preferably within a few weeks). The more time that passes between class completion and the state exam, the more the failing rate increases.

Please note that our “No Pass No Pay” guarantees does have a time limit.