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Price Changes

Nobody likes to pay higher prices, but as a business owner if your expenses increase, those increases will need to be reflected in the price of your products/services. In addition to increases in prices for a variety of services we pay for and then provide to students, we are being hit with new regulations from the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education that we’ve determined will take significant hours for compliance.  (All proprietary schools in Kentucky will have to comply or risk losing their license to operate) I won’t go off on my soapbox about unnecessary regulations stifling innovation because we have no choice but to comply. If we don’t, we would have our school license yanked.

Essentially, we’re going to have to track students’ post completion of courses and then submit reports on percentages still employed, current job duties. At this point, it appears much of the reporting will need to be in “writing” so automated telephone surveys would not be acceptable by themselves. Even if students have moved out of state or transferred to a different job or decided real estate is not for them and placed their license in escrow, we’ll need to prove we attempted to track them down so we can add their status to the overall numbers.

We’ve posted a very small part of the new regulation below to give you a flavor of how it could turn into a very time consuming effort. If you have any questions, you can email me todd at We’ll stay committed to providing the best online course experience at the lowest price we can and as always our pricing is transparently posted on the frontpage of the shopping cart and all courses will continue to include multiple resources valued at several hundred dollars.

Todd Thornton


Part of New Regulation Below

For purposes of the Job Placement Rate calculation:

I. The school shall obtain the placement data by contacting employers or graduates to obtain the relevant information under the definitions in (VII.) and (VIII.).

Such contact and information shall be documented in writing, and shall include:

(A) Name of the employer;

(B) Name of the graduate;

(C) Addresses and telephone numbers of graduate and employer;

(D) Title of employment;

(E) Duties of employment;

(F) Length of employment;

(G) Total hours worked per pay period;

(H) Name and title of the person(s) providing the information to the school;

(I) Name and title of the person(s) at the school who received and recorded the information;

(J) The date the information was provided.

(K) When the schools obtains the relevant information by telephone or personal contact, as opposed to a written document, the school shall send a confirming letter to the provider of the information setting-forth in specific detail the information provided and the date it was provided. The school shall maintain a copy of the confirming letter and evidence it was sent.

(L) Statement whether the school designated the graduate as placed in field or not.