Course Extension

Course extension should only be purchased when student needs more than 8 months to finish the course.

  • 4 Month Course Extension!

    Our enrollment policy since January 1st, 2017 is that all students receive up to 6 months to finish the Kentucky Real Estate Licensing course, plus we grant a free 2 month extension that's automatically applied to each account. (We believe we're still the only real estate school in Kentucky to offer any type of free extension) Essentially that gives every student 8 months to finish the course from the date when they pay tuition/start the course.

    This 4 month extension is only for students who can't finish in the first 8 month period and essentially changes their finish date to 1 year from when they registered. One (1) year is the maximum time the course can take based on course approval guidelines so this is a one time extension only to extend course time by an additional four months.

    Example: If you registered on January 15th, 2017 you have until September 15th to finish the course without paying any additional fees. (8 months from registration- 6 + 2 free months) If you purchase this extension, your new "finish by" date would be January 15th, 2018 or a full one year since registration, but no additional extensions could be applied.
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