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Where can I have my fingerprints taken?

Really anywhere that does fingerprinting is fine, although whenever possible, the KREC suggests using the Kentucky State Police. We even had one student in the past who did it himself just to see if he could. (Not recommended)

You can have your fingerprints made at any one of the following: 

  • Any local police station or sheriff’s office trained to do fingerprinting in your area
  • Kentucky State Police Post
  • Louisville Metro Corrections (502) 574-2191
  • United Parcel Services (UPS) mailing office

If you know that you have fingertips that are not very detailed (You have/had a job that really wore down your fingertips), if there’s a Kentucky State Police (KSP) post near you, we really suggest using the KSP.

Alternatively, use a local law enforcement facility that does a lot of finger printing. UPS stores don’t do fingerprinting very often, so if yours will be difficult, it’s best just to find the most experienced person you can from the very start to avoid having to redo.

Special Note: The Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC) does have a procedure in place to address prints deemed to be non-readable. After your first unsuccessful try, contact us and we can provide further instructions. 

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