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Changing out Zaption tours- Missing check marks?

As we’ve previously announced inside our course, one of the tools we use to stitch videos/content tours together (Zaption) has been purchased by a larger company and they are incorporating Zaption functionality into their own content management system so we can’t extend our contract with Zaption.

Over the last week of September 2016, we’ll be switching out Zaption tours utilizing other software/services. Any existing student who goes back to review any section they’ve already completed might see a missing check mark for completion. (Or two if there were two Zaption tours in a section) This is a result of us removing the Zaption tour and replacing it with an entirely new resource.

The material is the same so there’s no need for any student to redo any activity. We have a record of completion for all Zaption tours!¬†You can of course repeat anything you like, but it’s not required.

Unfortunately, there’s just no way for us to bring completion check marks in to the new resources because of the way all the tools operate and connect. We understand everyone likes to see all the check marks, but hope you understand we explored every option to try and make the switch over as seamless as possible.

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