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How do I check the status of my background check?

You can verify that the Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC) has received your FBI background check by calling or emailing the KREC.

You are not provided automatic notification upon thier receipt of the report.

To be perfectly honest, after 3 weeks of sending off the background check, there’s a 99% chance your report is sitting in the KREC office, but the KREC does suggest you contact them to verify receipt. Please wait at least 15 business days after submitting your fingerprint card/payment to the KSP before contacting the KREC.  

It’s easy! Call 502-564-7760 and ask to speak to staff who can verify the status of your background check.

The KREC does not receive applicant contact information from the FBI. If the applicant’s fingerprints are rejected or the wrong amount of money was included, the KREC will be unable to contact the applicant as they only receive a name and a date of birth on the report.

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