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How do I create my account to access the course?

  1. Did you pay your tuition using our online shopping cart?
  2. When you pay tuition, we’re notified to create an account for you in our learning management system called Canvas by Instructure. During normal business hours this would typically take a few minutes or if you register late at night/on the weekend, we’d set things up the following morning. We don’t allow our technical support team access to your payment information. (Just as an extra level of security)

    Once we process on our end, you’ll receive an “Invitation” to join the course!
  3. In the email from Instructure, click the “Get Started” button in the email. You’ll then select create new account, create your own password, and you’ll be taken directly into the course to begin.
  4. Note that after you use the one time link to sign up, you’ll then use the normal homepage to login/ask for password resets, etc. That link gwtl.instructure.com is also found at the very top of the invitation email!
How to setup your account to access the course.



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