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How do I create my Canvas account?

Once we receive payment for the course, we’ll create your Canvas account manually. During normal business hours this should take a few minutes. If you register at night or on the weekend, it may take a few hours. (We don’t allow technical support to have access to your payment information just as an extra level of security)

Once we process your information on our end, you’ll receive 2 additional emails on top of the receipt that should have been sent within a minute or two of payment.

1) You’ll receive an email with all the particulars about your course/contacting us/etc.

2) You’ll receive a second email from Canvas/Instructure inviting you to join the course.

Creating Your Account

Within the invitation email, there’s a “Get Started” button which you’ll click to create your new Canvas account. You’ll then choose a password and be taken to start the course. Remember this invitation to join is a one time special link. After you create your account, you are welcome to login to our Canvas home page anytime.  

Course Home Page Link

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