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If necessary, how quickly can I reschedule final proctored exam using ProctorU?

With ProctorU you are given a 3 hour window to take the course final exam. If you have time, you can retake the exam within that 3 hour window. What most students do is retake the law portion only (if necessary) because it’s half as many questions (would take half as long if you are short on time) because we are averaging anyway. Remember our proctored exam mimics the PSI license exam so there’s 80 questions on general/nationwide & 40 questions on the law. The difference is that we average between the two parts of the exam and PSI does not! 

Example: On your first proctored exam attempt you:

Score 59/80 on the general/nationwide portion and
Score 28/40 on the law portion

Total of 89/120 or 74%. You need a total of 90/120 between the two parts of the exam so you retake the law part of the exam after reviewing the law questions/answers that you missed. Since we draw questions from a pool, you should do really well on your next attempt. In our example all you need is 31 out of 40 on your second law attempt to make it 75% average.
(You missed passing general by 1 and got 1 more than necessary on the law)

Score 59/80 carries over from first attempt
Score 31/40 on second law attempt

Total of 90/120 or exactly 75% (For most students that don’t pass on their first attempt, retaking the law portion would generate a passing score)

ProctorU can’t extend the 3 hour window based on the way they operate so if you can’t take again during your initial time, you can reschedule right away. We don’t limit you in any way and since you are in the exam course already, you could literally schedule a 2nd attempt to begin right away or in a few hours.

You may need to reschedule via chat or phone with ProctorU because the take it right away times wouldn’t always be visible on the online calendar due to our normal notice 3 days ahead requirement. For anyone already enrolled in the final exam course, we’ve given them authority to schedule any of our students immediately upon request so just say you have authority to retake right away. (If they even ask which they probably won’t)

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