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What’s the difference between the trial & the course?

Our course is delivered through a learning management system called Canvas by Instructure. The Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC) requires we track/monitor students and deliver content in a variety of ways which means we need robust tracking systems.

For instance, when you take a quiz in Canvas, questions are drawn from a “pool” of questions because the KREC requires a certain ratio of questions asked to questions available.  This type of tracking doesn’t really lend itself to a regular webpage so while we might post a video with questions in the trial we can’t pull in an exact replica of the Canvas quiz you’ll eventually see inside the course.

The overall purpose of the trial is to allow you to see what type of content we create while at the same time allowing you a way to preview more than just a couple of days. Going forward, we’ll also be producing more videos that showcase more of the internal workings of the course. The bottom line though is that if you like our content on the preview, you’ll like the course because at the end of the day content is what makes a course. 

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