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To be successful & happy, you only need to improve three overall areas.
1) Use more AI & Productivity Hacks
2) Enhance Your Creativity & Your Communication
3) Increase Mindset Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

AI & Productivity Hacks

Boost productivity and efficiency through AI and other technology. Take advantage of innovations that streamline systems and processes.

You are living in an incredible time. Recent advancements in artificial intelligence allow you to accomplish more in less time. For example, the productivity image was created in under 30 seconds. When you increase productivity and efficiency through AI and automation, you free up precious time for what matters most. It enables you to invest more energy into your passions, relationships, health, and personal growth.

creativity, Communication, & Skills

Cultivating creativity boosts communication abilities and accelerates skill development.

Creativity can be learned! Creativity is essential for building your skills and solving problems. When you approach difficult situations with an innovative mindset, you develop practical solutions and become a top problem-solver. Creative thinking gives marketers an edge in writing engaging ads that connect with audiences. Overall, leading with creativity enables you to improve your talents in any field. Reflect on the times when you were at your most creative. Didn’t other components naturally fall into place after you broke through with an imaginative approach? Unlocking your creative potential puts you on the path to professional success and fulfillment.

Success Quote

There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” – Edward de Bono

Mindset & Emotional Intelligence

Yes, you need Both A growth & Positive Mindset, but You Also Need Better Emotional Intelligence!

Do dumb people sometimes infuriate you? Why? Why do you let other people control your own emotions? Our training includes strategies to take control of your mind and thus your future happiness. We’ll help you identify your own sabeteurs and how to control them so dumb people doing dumb things don’t impact you anymore. Check out more details about what could be your first/next mindset course.

Who can we help?

We like to Say People Who Are Dealing With People!

Our three core focuses can benefit anyone interacting with people daily. We customize our community and content for each member’s professional goals. When you join, we’ll ask about your current or aspiring career. If we still need a dedicated group for that field, we will create one and generate relevant content. For example, if you aspire to run for office, we would build a space for political campaigning, including specific guidance on utilizing AI tools strategically for your needs. We aim to curate a personalized hub where you can receive peer support and specialized resources to excel in your chosen profession.

Hi! I’m Todd.

I’ll be your guide to becoming the best version of yourself. I’m an entrepreneur and educator, but most important to you I’ve spent years learning from the world’s best coaches in their respective fields as I designed a way to change the world by first changing yours!

The rise of artificial intelligence is transforming productivity and unlocking new levels of human creativity. With advanced AI systems automating tedious tasks, we free up time and mental bandwidth to imagine, create, and innovate. We can use this creative capacity to improve our communication — articulating ideas more thoughtfully and forging deeper connections.

Todd Thornton