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Kentucky Real Estate Course

14 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!
(Only real estate school in Kentucky to offer a money back guarantee)


Available Online 24/7 ( Unlike other schools who force you to sit in front of a webcam at certain times (You never need a webcam for our courses) or have an “in class” schedule for part of the course. It’s not really online if part of it is in the classroom is it? In contrast, our courses are available right now. You set your own schedule, complete sections when it’s convenient, and always access when you choose.

Don’t let any real estate school tell you what’s convenient for you!


If you don’t pass the Kentucky real estate license exam on your first attempt, we’ll reimburse your first exam fee. ($100) No questions asked. All you have to do is provide a copy of your exam report. We encourage you to compare our guarantee with any other school you might be considering. (Assuming you can find another school with one) They talk about performance, we prefer to guarantee it!

Comprehensive Online Cram Course ($199 value)- For all pre-license and broker courses, we also include a free self paced cram course. With the included videos, our cram course alone may be better than most schools pre-license and broker courses.

Free E-Textbook/Textbook -($49 value) If a course has an associated textbook, it’s included with tuition. For our 96 hour pre-license course, we offer a free 400+ page e-textbook. We also include a state exam candidate handbook and for law courses, a searchable online Kentucky License Law manual.

Audio Book- (Not Available Anywhere Else) For our 96 hour pre-license course, we’ve licensed the e-textbook in a unique way that gives us rights to provide in any format. Our audio talent recorded the entire textbook (including glossaries) so you can stream or download MP3 files for studying on the go. Over 12 hours of extra audio material at no additional cost!

Free Proctored/Monitored Final Exam (Up to $75 value)- A final/proctored/monitored exam is required for all Kentucky Real Estate Commission approved 48 hour and 96 hour courses. We have physical locations and online proctoring available. Please be aware that almost all other online schools require you to find & then pay for a proctor!

Quick Response Times to Content Questions Answered– Based on industry surveys, our support response times are 23X faster than the typical person receives while taking an online course at a college or university. During normal business hours, our response times to email and questions is typically measured in minutes. Granted, we are not available 24/7 to answer content questions, but even if you leave a question at 2 o’clock in the morning, you will most likely receive an answer the as soon as internal support opens.

Quick Response Times to Support Questions Answered-We also have 24/7 technical support available through a 3rd party round the clock. They are based in Utah and specialize in online education support and specifically the learning management system we use. You can contact them by phone, chat, or by creating a support ticket. If you need a password reset or are encountering other technical issues, they are available when you need them 365 days a year.

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We Don’t Resell Other Courses-¬†Beware Of Any 60 Hour Online Course!

Most real estate schools in Kentucky that offer classes online resell courses from a textbook company that has basically put text from their pre-license book online in a click and read format, added some quizzes or a few matching exercises along the way and then call it an online course. The websites will all look like you are ordering from a specific real estate school, but the information is all the same on the back end because there’s just one textbook company behind the “online” course. They might even insinuate they have multimedia in their demo, but that consists of no downloadable audio, and only a handful of very very short videos. (Which they just added the past few months-by contrast we have 100’s of videos streaming in our courses)

If you see a course that’s 60 hours online and then another 36 hours in the classroom, it means the school is reselling the 60 hour portion and they don’t have experience developing online courses. After all, if you knew how to develop online courses that could be approved and accredited, wouldn’t you develop an entire 96 hour course online? Splitting it up just doesn’t make sense.

Our courses give you the best of all worlds. They are proprietary (we designed them ourselves from the ground up) and designed to provide a full multimedia experience. Examples include downloadable MP3 files, professionally edited review videos, online flashcards, and picture based glossaries. We even throw in some fun games along the way. Best of all they are specifically tailored and designed by people living in and knowledgeable about Kentucky real estate laws.