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We’ll begin your training with an introduction to “Positive Intelligence” by Shirzad Chamine.

As a best-selling author and Stanford professor, he’s conducted multiple studies on emotional intelligence and created a course based on decades of research. Because we are licensed and approved to teach his methods, as part of our membership program you’ll receive his six week course for free. He usually¬†charges $995¬†for the same exact program on his website.

Best Friend?

Shirzad Chamine presents the idea that our minds can be our best friend or worst enemy.

“Positive Intelligence” introduces the concept of Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ), a measure of the mind’s positivity versus negativity. Chamine argues that by increasing our PQ, we can achieve our true potential and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Chamine’s 6-week course aims to help participants identify their own saboteurs, understand how they operate, and cultivate the sage powers needed to overcome them. The course involves practices like mindfulness, identifying emotional triggers, separating facts from stories, and conscious decision making. By completing the course, participants should gain greater emotional intelligence, make wiser choices, and achieve their goals with less inner resistance.

Week One

Introduction to the concept of Positive Intelligence and understanding the Saboteurs.

Week Two

Deep dive into identifying one’s primary saboteur and its impact.

Week Three

Exploration of the Sage perspective and its powers.

Week Four

Techniques to activate the Sage powers and weaken the Saboteurs

Week Five

Building mental muscles through daily exercises to increase PQ.

Week Six

Consolidating learnings and creating a sustained plan for high PQ living.

The Main Saboteur

The Judge

Constantly finds fault in ourselves, others, and circumstances. Everyone has an inner judge or saboteur that critiques our thoughts, feelings, and actions. This judge evolved to keep us safe but can become overactive and harmful. “Judge-Free Thinking” is used to help silence or at least minimize this negative inner voice.

The 9 Accomplice Saboteurs

  1. The Controller: Has an inherent need to take charge and control situations.
  2. The Stickler: Seeks perfection and is bothered by imperfections in any form.
  3. The Avoider: Evades difficult and uncomfortable tasks or confrontations.
  4. The Restless: Is always in search of greater excitement or distraction.
  5. The Pleaser: Desires to be accepted and liked by everyone.
  6. The Victim: Embraces the passive-aggressive stance, often feeling powerless.
  7. The Hyper-Rational: Overly analytical, lacking empathy and emotional connection.
  8. The Hyper-Vigilant: Always alert, anxious, and expects the worst-case scenarios.
  9. The Hyper-Achiever: Driven to constantly accomplish, succeed, gain status and recognition.

The Sage Powers:
The Sage is the positive counterpart to the Saboteurs. The Sage operates from a calm, centered space and uses five primary powers:


Positive counterpart to the Saboteurs

The Sage operates from a calm, centered space and uses five primary powers:

  1. Empathize: Connects with and understands the feelings of oneself and others.
  2. Explore: Curiously investigates without judgment.
  3. Innovate: Thinks outside the box, creating novel solutions.
  4. Navigate: Chooses the best path forward, considering all options.
  5. Activate: Takes decisive action without procrastination.

In summary, Emotional Intelligence provides a framework for recognizing unhelpful emotional patterns, developing more constructive habits of mind, and unlocking one’s highest potential. A new cohort will start every Saturday and we have two instructors approved to coach and Guide Your Journey.