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More than just a reading plan, our FREE Understanding the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) daily email newsletter provides:

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  • Historical Context Of Each Chapter or Verses
  • Periodically Use Audio of Songs That Help You Resonate With The Message
  • Periodically Use of Illustrations When Appropriate
  • Applications for Today’s World
  • Thoughful Questions to Heighten Understanding
  • Theologians’ Takes/Differing Interpretations
  • Quick Links to Additional Resources When Needed

Understanding the Bible

Here are some key benefits of using more than a reading plan, a study guide that includes historical context, illustrations, and modern applications:

  1. Understanding the historical context helps you interpret the Bible more accurately.
    Knowing the culture, customs, and events surrounding the original audience provides crucial insight into the author’s intended meaning. This guards against misinterpretation and misapplication.
  2. Illustrations illuminate abstract concepts and make them memorable.
    Just as Jesus used parables to explain spiritual truths, modern illustrations help connect biblical principles to everyday life in a vivid, relatable way. Stories stick with you more than bare facts.
  3. Seeing how to apply the Bible to contemporary issues demonstrates its ongoing relevance.
    The Bible speaks to modern challenges when we connect the concepts between the ancient text and today’s world. Thoughtful applications reveal how God’s timeless wisdom guides current dilemmas and decisions.
  4. Reflecting on biblical truth from multiple angles leads to spiritual transformation. God’s Word impacts your head, heart, and hands. Life changes when you understand it in context, see it illustrated and put it into practice.

A robust Bible reading plan that explains the context ,paints pictures, and applies passages pays rich dividends. It fosters proper understanding, memorable insights, practical relevance, consistent motivation, interpretive skills, and, most importantly, a profound personal transformation. The Bible comes alive and shapes you as you engage in it deeply and personally, leading to a life that reflects the truths it contains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really free?

Yes, it is absolutely free. There are no charges or advertisements in the daily email. If you do not find it beneficial, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Why do you use the NIV version of the bible?

NIV is considered one of the best translations for its use of common language. The simplicity of the language greatly enhances the audio versions we offer, eliminating the need for anything else besides referring to our daily email. Feel free to choose any bible version that suits you.

Will the context be specific to text in a certain bible?

We examine multiple versions of the Bible. The historical context, thoughtful inquiries, illustrations, and theological perspectives are not limited to any specific version of the Bible. We also offer a tool that can automatically compare various Bible versions, highlighting differences and offering contextual and linguistic analysis.

How is the content ordered? Is it chronological?

We have devised a distinctive approach to presenting the content. While most content follows a chronological order, we also incorporate flashbacks and flash-forwards to enhance comprehension, akin to the narrative techniques found in certain books and movies.

What resources are used to help you create content?

We have extensively studied various books such as A.T. Robertson “A Harmony of Gospel”, “The NIV Harmony of the Gospels” by Robert Thomas and Stanley Gundry, and “A Harmony of the Gospels” by Ralph Heim. Additionally, we have developed code and utilized the best in AI technology to curate the most relevant biblically accurate content for Bible study.

Can I ask follow up questions?

Yes, indeed. You will be provided with special link to submit any further questions. You will also have access to carefully selected links with top-quality online resources. In cases where more detailed clarification is required, we might create a dedicated video to share with the entire newsletter group.

Is this only for people new to the bible?

Understanding the Gospels is for all individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of the Bible. We have accessible resources that we are confident will enrich anyone’s knowledge, regardless of their current level of comprehension.

I don’t have much time. What is the daily time commitment?

Each day will be slightly different, but our goal is to ensure your entire study time remains less than 10 minutes a day. The content is divided by topic, allowing you to easily allocate 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night, if that suits you better.

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